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Exam Access Arrangements

If you have had support in Exams in the past (sometimes called Exam Dispensation), you may need to apply for this whilst at college. You may also need to provide evidence of what arrangements were in place for you at school to support your application.

Please note that applications for support in Exams need to be made in good time for the Exam and your teachers will need to write a short report on how you work in your lessons.

For GCSE/A-Levels the application needs to be made by 31/01/2018 and for all others it needs to be submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to the Exam.

Please discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Academic coach if you have not done so already.

UCAS 2019

Students can now register on for Apply 2019 using the buzzword futures19 to link your application to Northampton College.

You will be able to submit your application from 5th September and should aim to do this by the deadline of Friday 9th November.

Futures staff can support with all stages of these applications.

For advice and support with your application, please visit Futures in E1.08 (in The Lookout) at Booth Lane or visit Student Services at Lower Mounts and Daventry to make an appointment with a Futures adviser.

If you are planning on going to university in September 2018 and have not yet applied, you need to get your application in soon.

You can apply up until 30th June and after this any applications will go into clearing.

To begin your application please register for the Apply 2018 cycle using the buzzword futures19 to link yourself to Northampton College.

Student Finance

Student Finance is now open for 2018-19 full-time higher education courses!

Apply online:

Part-time students can apply from Summer 2018.

The deadline for submitting applications is 25th May for new students.

For support with your application drop in to the Futures office (E1.08 in the canteen) at Booth Lane or make an appointment at Student Services at Lower Mounts and Daventry.

Thank you to all the students who visited the library this academic year, we hope to see you back in September.

We wish good fortune to all those who are leaving us.

Don't forget that the library will be open throughout the summer and our amazing resources will be at your disposal.

Please check the opening times before coming in.

Library Opening Times BL Library Opening Times DAV Library Opening Times LM

Please could you spare 5 minutes to complete our exit and destination survey.

This will enable the College to understand where students go after finishing a course with us.

You can access the survey HERE...

Thank you in advance for your participation and we wish you all the best for the future.