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UCAS 2019

Students can still register for Apply 2019. Use the buzzword futures19 to link your application to Northampton College.

Student Finance applications can now be submitted online at

The deadline for applying for Student Finance is 24th May (to ensure that funding is in place when your course starts).

Futures staff can support with all stages of these applications.

For advice and support with your application, please visit Futures in E1.08 (in the Lookout) at Booth Lane. Lower Mounts and Daventry students can visit Student Services to make an appointment with a Futures adviser.

UCAS 2019

Students can now register on for Apply 2020 so get started early! Use the buzzword futures20 to link your application to Northampton College.

Applications can be submitted from September 15th 2019 and the Northampton College deadline is 8th November 2019.


If you are sick and you are unable to attend your lessons, you must inform the College before 9.00 am on each day of your absence.

You can do this by sending a text to 07860 022 842.

Your text should say SICK followed by a space and your College ID number, for example: SICK ABC12345678

You will then receive an acknowledgement that the College has been informed of your absence shortly afterwards.

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English Lab

Exams Advice & Guidance

Exam Dates:

English: Tuesday 4th June - 9am - Paper 1

English: Friday 7th June - 9am - Paper 2

Maths: Tuesday 21st May - 9am - Paper 1 (non calculator)

Maths: Thursday 6th June - 9am - Paper 2 (calculator allowed)

Maths: Tuesday 11th June - 9am - Paper 3 (calculator allowed)

Your MUST attend ALL exams you are entered for to have a chance of gaining the qualification.

You will then receive an acknowledgement that the College has been informed of your absence shortly afterwards.


Arrive at 7.45-8.15am

Free breakfast provided in the canteen

Bring revision materials with you to have a look at before the exam starts

Good sleep the night before

Bring two black pens and/or maths materials

Revision sessions available in May half term

In Case of Emergencies... 

If you cannot get in for the exam for any reason, pelase let the college know straight away on 01604 400800

If sick or in hospital, you must provide a doctor's note in order for the Exam Board to consider special circumstances. This needs to go to our Exams Department in H2.07

If any problems with transport on the day, ring college as we may be able to help in getting you in

If you are running late, make sure you still come in as you may still be in time to sit the exam (up to 10am)